Saturday, February 2, 2008

Virus Washer Guide

I always talk about a tool named Washer in my previous post, but I never tell how to use it. And today I'll briefly tell you how to use it. Lets start with the first function.

Ultimate Washer is able to detects worms / viruses on your computer, with configuration to detects polymorphic worms

Ultimate Washer will searche for TRUE duplicate files using byte comparation method ensuring high level accuracy that you can configure manually in the range between 95% - 100%.

STOP wasting your hard drive space of duplicate files in multiple paths. Ultimate Washer let you find duplicate in Hard drive, Floopy disk, Flash disk, CDROM, DVD, Network drives, etc.

Ultimate washer can be used widely on many condition and you can also use this software to remove almost all worms in your computer easily. And you can tweak your computer's settings in a single click. Credited:


This is the function for scanning sample file and detect whether there is any file with the same signature with the file. First we need to load the sample file, for example we are loading virusmawar.js and the software will search throughout our pc for the similar file and we can directly delete the files. We also can choose which drive we want to scan by roll over Drives label.


This function will list down all software that automatically run everytime you boot your computer. Usually virus will make this as one of their objectives (make the virus run every boot). But this tools did not provide deletion on these keys but you need to manually open your registry and delete the keys if it is suspicious.


This part will thick the registry that has been changed by a virus, for example, if your task manager is disabled by the virus, the Disable Task Manager will right. You just click the Repair Registry button and your registry will be back to normal.


This is the part where it has the same functionality with the Task Manager provided by Windows. But if your task manager is disabled by virus, it is the alternative ways.

Thats all the functionality.Thanks to mr cool_entarto for creating such a nice tools.

Now i removed the infected washer and replaced it with new one.. thanks for comments.. washer download


Anonymous said...

From Sophos
W32/Virut-Q is a virus for the Windows platform.

W32/Virut-Q attempts to hook the operating system and infect files with an EXE or SCR extension.

W32/Virut-Q may also attempt to connect to a remote IRC server, and may download and execute further files if instructed to do so.

W32/Virut-Q may modify the following registry entry in order to bypass the Windows firewall:


From McAfee

From Trend Micro

Another problem about this virus read this at..

example010 said...

yeke.. thanks sebab bagi comment n maaf sbb lmbt reply.. aku bz exam.. nnti aku cari yg tak kene infection.. sori semua

fried said...

wait a minute..
wht are other virus.Q symptoms?
i already dwnlod it..
but nothg such s cant-open-windows happen..
how to detect it??
reply it quick b4 sumthg happen to my com...

example010 said...

dont worry, the virus already removed from the file.. i already uploaded the new file..